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Can I move my assets or funds around during the loan process?

It’s best not to. One of the items underwriters are hyper-sensitive to are “large deposits”. A large deposit is generally defined as a non-employment direct deposit that is 25% or more of your gross monthly income. If you sold your car and deposited the check into your bank account, it would show up as simply a deposit. That check and where it came from would need to be sourced.

Also, if you transfer funds back and forth between different accounts, you will need to provide the accounts that you are transfer from/to.

So as you can see it’s best to limit the movement of funds between accounts and know any large checks you deposit will need to be sourced.

As a general rule, the most recent two months of bank statements (or recent quarter) need to be verified. Any activity or deposits prior to that time-frame generally will not need to be documented.

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